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Just leaned something new; you can render the models in Blender from command line.  It's supposed to be faster and slightly more reliable.  Read it from here, example also here.

What I find useful is that you can, for a Windows machine, create a batch file and render one model after another.  Of course, you can probably do similar things on Linux or a Mac.

I usually render at night before I go to bed and some would take 4+ hours meaning that if I have more than one scene to render, I'll not get a chance to do it until I wake up.  Waste of time.  With command line rendering, I create a batch file that start another render when the first one is done.  

One thing I find is that it's best to make sure the command line will run correctly.  What I do is to render a small test scene first.

Oh, to clarify, if you are using a Windows machine and want to render multiple .blend files,  you cannot, in your batch file, put lines after lines of the render command.

What you must do is, for each .blend file to render, create a batch file.  

Then, create another batch file that "call" these other batch file.

Example: Let's say I have two .blend files I want to render.  I'll need to create 2 batch files that will each render a scene.

Say I have Ayane_scene1.bat and Ayane_scene2.bat

Now, I will need another batch file, (ex: render_all_Ayane.bat) that contains these lines inside:

call Ayane_scene1.bat
call Ayane_scene2.bat

Hope this clarify things a bit.  Feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions. 
Happy rendering. :-)


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just awesome your Ayane and ihave a easy requset just make more wtih Ayane :D
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